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Most of the children are immersed in multimedia these days, particularly in videos and computer gaming. In all these modes of entertainment, animation plays a significant role. Now children may think how an animation is created. Therefore, to meet their curiosity and interest, Amity is offering some amazing online courses on Animation and Design With the emergence of advanced multimedia technology, children watch animation videos with great interest, and some may even want to use their own imagination and creativity to make eye-catching animations. For the children og age 7 to 14, Amity is offering animation courses online.
Usually, animation is the process of making illusion of motion and change by rapidly displaying set of static images that minimally differ from each other. The technique brings inanimate characters to life. The making of animation is one, two or three dimensional frames displayed in rapid succession at a very high speed using computer software. To thrive deeper into this field, the courses available are:
The course ‘My First Animation’ is the curation of basics to let children understand the principles and techniques of creating ‘animation’. The course teaches the formation of animated programs through simple coding scripts which can be made quickly and have its execution.
Whereas, the other course ‘My First Game’ is quite distinct. It focuses on idea generation, pre-production, pitching, prototypes and game designing. If the method developed by any child gets approved and the developer receives funding, it opens a gateway to their future career too. In the workshop, each child will be given proper attention so they get a thorough understanding of each and every step in animation making.

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