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Corona virus is relentless and uncertain. It has transformed the concept of learning to a virtual format. To make sure leaning do not stop amid lockdown and to take due advantage of the Internet, Amity has come up with a variety of summer courses to engage children in a fruitful manner.
By combining challenging academic subjects with a rich array of extracurricular activities, Amity has always introduced innovative courses. Space Education is the most interesting, engaging and intensive program that uses space themes to hone children’s skills in science and technology. Space Education refers to the learning of space which promotes awareness about the current inventions and innovations happening in space. This will also extend knowledge well beyond the real-world. The courses on Space Education learning are categorised into Aeronautics and Aeronautics for Kids. These courses are offered in association with the Society for Space Education Research & Development (SSERD).
Aeronautics, course is for young children of age 11 and above. It will enlighten children with the national as well as global advancements in space science which have not been updated over last 15 years in the present textbooks. The course is divided into five sessions comprising Introduction and History, Training Process of Astronauts and Facilities, Life in International Space Station (ISS) , Space Missions, and lastly Astronauts on Moon and Mars.
Whereas, Aeronautics for Juniors will conduct the workshops on providing an innovative and exciting hands-on Space education to the children of age 6 and above. The three sessions will be on Introduction and History of Space, Astronauts Training Process and Facilities and determination of Life in International Space Station (ISS) with their Experiments.

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