Keep the Enthusiasm alive with Online Space Courses

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The corona virus pandemic has shattered the holiday plans of children this summer. But that doesn’t mean they have to miss out on all the fun while staying at home. Amity has launched an online summer program that has a number of interesting, engaging and learning courses to give children an opportunity to explore their passions and to also have some fun.

This summer, Amity has brought a plenty of online courses to try including the course on Creative Writing, Culinary Art, Communication Skills, Programming and many more. The course Space Education, in association with Society for Space Education Research & Development (SSERD,) is helpful in ending children’s curiosity about space exploration and space science. The courses of Space Education on ‘Rockets’ and ‘Rockets for Juniors’ are a branch of aerospace science which deal with the concept of Newton’s third Law of Motion.

In the workshop of ‘Rockets’, children of minimum age 11 will gain knowledge from the highly experienced tutor of SSERD. This workshop is divided into five sessions which covers the  introduction and history of rockets, chemistry of rocket propellants– simply known as the chemical mixture burnt to produce thrust in a rocket, the past, present and future of rockets, designing the rocket structure using a software, and lastly online simulation.

Whereas ‘Rockets for Juniors’ is for young minds of minimum age 6. This workshop is divided into three sessions which covers the introduction and history ofrRockets, how a rocket works and different types of rockets as well as the designing and making of a rocket.

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