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The corona pandemic has confined children to the four walls of their houses. Yet they have an opportunity to spend time at home in a productive manner by taking online courses. This season, Amity has numerous summer courses they can indulge in. These courses not only keep them occupied but they also get to learn along the wasomething new.

There is a big basket of courses for one and all—Arts and Crafts, Phonetics, Music and Dance, Culinary, Personality Development, Communication Skills, Fun with Science, Programming and many more. Among all these courses, Space Education is one such program that offers the best opportunity for curious children to learn more about space science. This program is being conducted in association with the Society for Space Education Research & Development (SSERD) to enlighten children about telescopes through the courses ‘Telescopes’ and ‘Telescopes for Juniors’.

Basically, Telescope is an optical instrument that makes us see distant objects by an arrangement of lenses or curved mirrors. It is used by the astronomers to observe the positions of celestial objects. In the course ‘Telescopes’, our tutor from SSERD will give an introduction and tell the history of telescope in the first session, in the latter sessions, he will teach optics and working mechanism, calibration and observation, telescopes that are being launched recently  and lastly  a quick guide on how to buy a good telescope.

Whereas the course ‘Telescope for Juniors’ is for children who are 6 years and above. This course is designed to provide an exciting knowledge to the children who want to know about space science. The workshop on this course is divided into sessions on the introduction and history of telescope, how this tool works and  its usage.

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