Get Online Courses on Aeronautics from Amity

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Before the Corona pandemic online learning used to be considered as a not-so-effective medium of learning. The lockdown period has given a new perspective to the online learning, which fulfills children’s learning needs and creativity staying at home. This summer, Amity is emerging as a massive repository of online courses being supported by experienced and dedicated tutors.
Among the various courses offered by Amity, such as Arts and Crafts, Animation and Design, Brain Science, Space Education is one course that is made specifically for children who have great interest in Space World. The courses are being offered in association with the Society for Space Education Research & Development (SSERD). This course on aeronautics is for children who think small and big about the universe. The motive of SSERD is to elevate and foster space education and research among children. It also emphasizes on providing an innovative and exciting hands-on Space education and updates about the current developments in aeronautics that are not mentioned in the textbooks available.
In the course ‘Aeronautics’, the subject matter is designing of aircrafts and flying machines. It involves easy-to-understand study, design and manufacturing techniques for children of age 11 to 17. The workshop is divided into five sessions that covers Introduction and History of Aeronautics, Subsystems of aircraft, Types of Aircrafts, Modeling of Glider (usually known as fixed wing air craft) , Aviation and Future technology.
Whereas, ‘Aeronautics for Juniors’ is for children who are 6 years and above. The workshop will teach basics of aeronautics to the children who are eager to seek knowledge in the space world. The sessions highlight Introduction and History of Aeronautics, How an Aircraft flies and Parts and Modeling of a Glider.

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