Fuel Your Passion with Innovative Programming Courses

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As parents make their children to stay at home all the time due to corona virus, it has given the children a lot of free time to do something new and interesting. Thankfully there are a great number of options Amity is providing to children through their online summer courses to keep them busy and active while maintaining social distancing through virtual learning.

For the students with analytical mindset and who have interest in math, Amity has developed magnificent courses from different genres of learning, like Artificial Intelligence, Fun with Science, Coding, Programming, Aeronautics, etc., delivered by the well qualified and highly experienced tutors. Programming course hone problem solving skill and develop innovative thinking in the young brains. These courses will help children to learn the basics of ‘Graphic Drawing with Python’ language and ‘Introduction to Artificial Intelligence’.

The ‘Graphic Drawing with Python’ course is for children of age 11 and above. This course introduces learners to a powerful general purpose programming language ‘Python’ which is used in developing web applications, data science, software prototype, etc.. The course is divided into four sessions.

Whereas, the ‘Introduction to AI’ course is made for the children who want to learn the basics of Artificial Intelligence which defines the next generation of software solutions. This course teaches how AI is used to build apps and enrich people’s lives. The sessions in this course are a mixture of engaging lectures and hands-on activities to enable children to learn AI programming step by step in an interesting manner.

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