General Tips to Prepare for Mathematics: Class 10

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It is experienced that mathematics is sterile without practice. So practise mathematics using pen and paper more and more to achieve proficiency, and do not simply read the questions and their solutions, as most students do. It is through practise only one realises one’s weak areas and identify the scope of mistakes. Hence, scoring good marks in mathematics is possible only by doing regular practice.

Students should practise maths regularly. It is not the subject that can be studied just before the exams. Regular practice increases the level of confidence of the students to a great extent and saves their exam time.

  • Solve at least 3 to 5 questions of same type from all the chapters to gain perfection and confidence.
  • Make a formulae sheet and revise it from time to time to learn the correct use of formulae.
  • Prioritize the chapters and the topics.
  • Students must make their own chapter wise preference for revising and preparing them for exam purpose.
  • Solve sample papers for time management.
  • Look into previous question papers and bring them to practice with time. Time-management will be an important factor.
  • Break the syllabus into your weak and powerful study areas, and devote more time to the weaker ones. Practice numerical books, draw geometrical diagrams and constructions, and understand them. Solve equations using the methods you choose.
  • Make sure you’re at ease with trigonometry, it’ll really be a scoring field and a deciding factor in your score.
  • Never disregard small chapters such as real numbers, odds, polynomials etc. Try hard and do good in exam.  

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