General Tips on How to Prepare for English: Class 10

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English is a subject which class 10 students generally do not take seriously as compared to science and maths, and later they regret for low percentage score in board exam. But in today’s world where international markets are increasingly globalizing, English stands out as an important subject/language that cannot be neglected by students.

Considering this fact we are providing you some important tips on how to prepare English  subject effectively for gaining good marks in 10th Board exams.

  • Practice NCERT questions by writing their answers, this helps in developing your speed of writing and grammatical accuracy.
  • The chapters must be read thoroughly. It helps you not only to memorize the themes and important points, but also to understand the language more clearly.
  • Start making a vocabulary list in a separate notebook by writing the meanings of difficult words taken from the chapters. Two short-answer questions on antonyms-synonyms always appear in the board paper.
  • Your reading habit and strong vocabulary will also enhance your reading comprehension power. This will help you in solving the UNSEEN PASSAGES accurately in a short time.
  • In case of literature, the names of chapters, their  writers and character sketches can be remembered on flashcards.
  • Try finishing those chapters first that you find interesting and understand easily as it will increase your confidence and build your interest in literature.
  • These days, all the English newspapers are available on the Internet in digital form. Read English newspapers online to understand how the REPORTING SPEECH works, how an ARTICLE is written. You can also look at the NOTICES given in the boxes. 

To get acquainted with the question pattern and recognise your subject weakness, you have to solve sample papers and previous year papers without fail. This will help you in managing exam time well in answering the entire paper.

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