Syllabus for English: Class 9

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CBSE Syllabus for Class 9 ‘English Language and Literature’ paper has a comprehensive course structure that will enable students to learn the topics of the CBSE board to be held in the term exams. Students will review the new syllabus carefully and find out which topics they need to study for the examinations.

The Grammar syllabus includes the following topics:

i. Tenses

ii. Modals

iii. Use of Passive Voice

iv. Subject-Verb concord

v. Reporting

  1. Commands and requests
  2. Statements
  3. Questions

vi.  Clauses

  a. Noun clauses

  b. Adverb clauses of condition and time

  c. Relative clauses

vii. Determiners

viii. Prepositions

English Language and Literature Course

Literature Reader- Course (2020-21) CLASS – 9

1. The Fun They Had 2. The Sound of Music 3. The Little Girl 4. A Truly Beautiful Mind 5. The Snake and the Mirror 6. My Childhood7. Packing 8. Reach for the Top 9. The Bond of Love 10. Kathmandu 11. If I were you
1. The Road Not Taken 2. Wind 3. Rain on the Roof 4. The Lake Isle of Inn is free 5. A Legend of the Northland6. No Men Are Foreign 7. The Duck and the Kangaroo 8. On Killing a Tree 9. The Snake Trying 10. A Slumber did My Spirit Seal

1. The Lost Child 2. The Adventures of Toto 3. Iswaran, the Storyteller 4. In the Kingdom of Fools 5. The Happy Prince6. Weathering the Storm in Ersama 7. The Last leaf 8. A House is Not a Home 9. The Accidental 10. The Beggar

Prescribed Books: Published by CBSE, New Delhi

•          BEEHIVE – Textbook for class IX

•          MOMENTS – Supplementary Reader for Class IX

•          Words and Expressions-I, Workbook

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