Things to Remember while Making a Time Table for Class 9

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The time shall be managed very well by you as in class 9 you must be having the procedure of SA and FA exams. We are here to help you in making an effective time table.

Be flexible with time while making your time table. You also need to consider your weaknesses and strengths while making a time table. You can take advice from your seniors, friends, parents and teachers for this task.

Some extra time shall be devoted for the topics and subjects in which you think you are weak or lack understanding of the basic concepts.

Doze for at least half an hour after returning from school. This will refresh your mind and body from day-long weariness.

Do not study for long hours without any break. You ought to take a pause of 10-20 minutes after every 1-2 hours of study. This time can be utilised in listening to your favourite music, talking to your friends or watching a program on TV.

Keep a few slips of paper handy, on which you can write important theorems, formulas, equations, tricky rules and calculations, which are otherwise hard to memorise for you. You should look at them once in a while.

Intake of vitamin C in your diet will boost your memory and strengthen your immunity to fight diseases.

Yoga/Pranayama shall be done for 15-20 minutes every morning. This will improve the blood circulation from body to brain.

 To keep your body fit, eat more seasonal fruits and have a balanced diet.

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