Mathematics Study Plan during Lockdown

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To make the best utilisation of time during the period of lockdown or otherwise during holidays, we are giving a few valuable tips to the students who have been promoted to Grade IX after studying Grade VIII, We hope these tips will help students to boost their mathematical skills:

1. Prepare a study planner keeping flexibility of your convenience in mind.

2. Do not study for long hours continuously. Take a small break of 10 to 15 minutes after every hour of study.

3. Create and classify formula sheets, recall formulas and practise them with practice questions.

4. Allocate just double time to mathematics as compared to other subjects, as this subject demands continuous and rigorous practice.  Mathematics is considered a lifeline in every walk of life, especially for better career prospects.

5. As a basic and essential component of Grade IX and other forthcoming competitive exams, conceptual knowledge of math should be developed from the beginning for gaining confidence through using a good quality online course.

6. Practise and interconnect the topics like Rational Numbers, Linear Equations in One Variables, Quadrilaterals, Mensuration, etc. and try to grasp the topics by self study, as these are the topics in continuation from Grade VIII to Grade IX.

7. Since maths requires a lot of practice which is a time consuming process, so devote extra time to maths on off days/holidays. By taking assignments and tests, more you practice the more you learn for a bright future ahead.

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