Tips for Preparing Physics and Chemistry during Lockdown

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  1. Prepare a formula sheet for Physics

Make a list of all science formulae and write in a sheet of paper. Stick this paper onto one of your walls next to your bed. Quickly revise all the formulae on a regularly interval of time.

  • Learn the elements with their valences

Learn the elements from periodic table up to atomic number 30 and also memorise their valency that will help you to understand chemical reactions in a better way.

  • Search for previous year question papers

Search for previous year question papers with the help of google and try to find out marking scheme as class IX has different methods as compared to class VIII.

  • Prepare a list of Experiment for Physics and Chemistry

Make a list of activities from your surroundings to understand both the subject as per your interests which will help you to remember the topic for a longer period of time.

  • Answering Pattern and graph practice

Students must work on their answering pattern. Ensure that you are not writing more than you need as it will help you to fetch good score during exams. Further, answer should be in as understandable language without errors in grammar.

  • Ask from your parents

As this is the time when parents are available at home, one can utilise this to ask their queries from them and expect a good discussion for understanding both the subjects in a very simple and conducive method.

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