Sharpen your English Language Skills during Lockdown

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Sharpen your English Language Skills during Covid-19 Lockdown

Is not it the best time to utilise 21 days lock down to work on your English language skills of LISTENING, SPEAKING, READING and WRITING. Here are some effective tips that will prove useful.

  • These days, all the English newspapers are available on the Internet in digital form. Read English newspapers online to understand how the REPORTING SPEECH works, how an ARTICLE is written. You can also look at the NOTICES given in the boxes. 
  • Take a comic book or a magazine on current affairs (even an old one is also useful). Now read the articles line by line and circle those words whose meanings are not known. Take a dictionary and learn their meaning. Also notice the part of speech for that word.
  • You can also maintain your own VOCABULARY BUILDER in a register. Make three columns with headings: WORD, MEANING and USAGE. Now write a difficult word, its meaning and a sentence using that word. Keep revising this register from time to time. In a short time you will observe that your vocabulary has improved a lot. This will help you in answering synonym-antonym questions.
  • Your reading habit and strong vocabulary will also enhance your reading comprehension power. This will help you in solving the UNSEEN PASSAGES accurately and quickly.
  • While reading any English text that you find interesting, such as a recipe, a story, jokes, always notice the use of PREPOSITION and TENSE.

This way you will soon realise that your English Language Skills have improved a lot, and English won’t be a difficult subject for you anymore.

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