How to Make a Time Table for Class 9

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Time period the students of class 9 spend at school is generally 6 hours (from 7 am to 1 pm).  Let us also take 1 hour for commuting from home to school and back. So you are spending 7 hours for the school every day, which leaves 17 hours of a day for you. You will sleep for at least 7 hours in this time. Now you have ten more hours to do other stuff like taking bath, eating and studying.

Keep four hours free for doing things like recreation, eating meals, playing activities, watching TV, reading magazine and newspaper, following your hobbies, etc. Now you are left with 6 hours that you can invest wisely in your study.

Main Subjects Of Class 9 Are:

  • Mathematics
  • Social science
  • Science
  • English
  • Hindi/ Sanskrit

With the exception of math, you must give every subject 1 hour for study. Math needs extra preparation, so assign it at least two hours. Based on your learning ability, weaknesses and special preferences, including studying for any competitive exam, this time commitment can be made a little flexible.

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