Study Plan during Lockdown

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We all know that nationwide lockdown is imposed by the Indian Government to get rid of Covid-19 pandemic, leaving parents in the fussy situation. They have to play the role of a teacher at home for their children while the world is waiting to pass off this pandemic.  It is a parent’s duty to see that their children may not lack behind in studies during this lockdown.

Amity Prep has developed an educational online portal to help students continue their studies at home. This will help the parents to keep their children occupied and making them ready to face the academic burden they will face once the schools reopen.

But don’t worry, panic isn’t a solution. Fortunately there is a growing list of the events that a child can participate in to keep himself engaged.  Let’s explore these opportunities through which we can keep our children busy in learning, studying and keeping themselves safe at home.

1. Learning a new language can be tricky at times and even harder when you don’t have anyone to practice with. Children can use their foreign language skills online through a mobile phone or tablet device.

2. Explore science It is difficult for children to take interest in science while remaining at home without having the tools of a science laboratory. So it may be the solution to take a virtual trip into space on the Internet. The resources available on the website of the National Science Foundation cater to both children who are already engaged in science and astronomy, and those who might need a little bit of information.

3. Turning home into a classroom Parents can help their children keep up with the YouTube video tutorials. They can also inspire them to use DIY videos to take up craft projects for a productive engagement.

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