How to Prepare for Physics and Chemistry: Class 9

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  • Practise Numerical

While solving numerical, develop the habit of writing all the steps involved such as       data given, formula used, calculation etc.

  • Write Answers in Statement form

Since the questions are asked in a statement form, therefore one has to write the final answers also in a statement form, unlike in Maths.

  • Highlight the key points

Highlight all the key words, important terms, formulae etc.

  • Draw Graphs

During solving Physics problems, draw graphs wherever needed. Take the appropriate scale, mark the points on graph along with calculations.

  • Formulae Writing

While answering questions from the chapter on atoms and molecules, write valences for each atom involved. Always write the formulae for the given compounds.

  • Answer as per demand

Do not get confused amongst postulates and laws. Be specific while answering the questions asked from chapters such as Structure of Atom, Sound, Force, and Laws of Motion etc.

  • Revision of important key points 

Revise all important questions, running notes and spend more time in recollecting and discussing the answers, formulae, equations and diagrams. These are very important to ensure you score highly both in theory and practical exams. 

Hope these preparation tips will help you to score well in exams. All the best! 

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