How to Prepare for Science: Class 9

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  • Practice diagrams thoroughly

Diagrams must be a part of your answer paper. Whether it is Physics, Chemistry or Biology, you should substantiate answers with diagrams wherever possible. You can surely add some extra marks to your science papers by inserting diagrams. Practise not only with graph based diagrams but also with labelling on a regular basis.

  • Write down all formulae on a sheet of paper                                                                 

Make a list of all important and relevant science formulae and write them down on a sheet of paper. Stick this on a wall next to your bed for regular and easy reference. Whenever you look at that wall, glance through these formulae.

  • Be thorough and accurate with concepts

Learn all concepts well. Devote some of your time to gain a deep understanding of these concepts to the extent it is explained in CBSE class 9 books. You may seek help of someone who knows these concepts well in case of any difficulty. Ensure you get rid of any confusion related to these concepts.

  • All laws should be learnt
    Couple of ‘Scientific Laws’ exist in CBSE class 9 books. These laws need to be learnt by heart. Only understanding the laws won’t work here. To score full marks in the exam you must be able to write the laws and that too in its exact words.
  • Science sums shall be practised regularly

Unlike mathematics, in science, there are hardly any problem sums. To score good marks, learn and practise them thoroughly. At least 3 such problems will be asked in your exams, so prepare accordingly.

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