How to Prepare for English: Class 9

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English paper is divided into three sections namely A, B and C.

Allocate the allotted time accordingly to ensure that you answer all the sections. Do attempt and try to finish sections A and B in the first half of the allotted time. Neat and legible handwriting; leaving space between the answers; and underlining important points have a positive impact on the examiner. DO NOT ATTEMPT SECTIONS IN FRAGMENTS. Finish each section before moving to the next one.


  • Take a good set of sample papers and solve all the comprehensions. It will help develop your speed of understanding the passage.
  • The comprehension passage needs to be read at least twice. First read it thoroughly, and then read the questions before returning to the passage again.
  • Answer each question briefly according to the information given in the passage and the marks allotted for that question. Don’t give your views unless asked for. Stick to the passage.
  • In case of a vocabulary question, place the chosen word in context before finalizing your answer.
  • For writing answer of the note-making question, don’t extend time limit to more than 30 minutes. Remember, not all information given in the paragraph can be translated into NOTES. Use incomplete, half-broken sentences/phrases for preparing notes. Use proper indentation.
  • Follow the word-limit for the summary. Don’t use abbreviations for the summary and write complete sentences in a paragraph with a proper heading for the summary.

Writing & Grammar

  • Follow the format strictly for answering questions on letter, article, and diary entry, as prescribed by the CBSE board.
  • Use short and simple sentences for ease of comprehension and clarity of expression.
  • Adhere to the word limit. Extra writing won’t fetch you extra marks, but can irritate the person evaluating the answers.
  • Underline important points relevant to the question to catch the evaluator’s attention. He might not read the entire answer.
  • Enclose all short writing answers inside boxes. DO NOT FORGET TO CARRY A RULER, PENCIL AND AN ERASER.
  • There should always be a flow in your writing task leading to a particular conclusion. It shows ideas in logical order.
  • Whenever you get bored with literature section, start practising grammar exercises from your grammar book. This will not only help you in scoring high in the grammar section but also help in completing your writing section of the paper quickly.
  • Solve all the grammar exercises from your grammar book separately, and then attempt integrated exercises in the MCB.


  • Make a list of vocabulary from your literature chapters for quick understanding of the chapters. This will also help you in solving comprehension passage based questions.
  • As you start preparing literature section, begin with a thorough reading of the chapter from NCERT. You can make short notes of your own if needed.
  • Take your practice papers and read the summary. Then read all the solved questions (long and short). Try to solve the questions on your own.
  • One question from the novel is always based on main characters, plot and theme of the novel. So make point-wise notes of these to score good marks in long answer questions.
  • Be precise, concise and to-the-point while writing answers. Don’t write in points but in paragraph form.
  • Write the answer in the same tense in which the question is asked.
  • Solve previous years’ papers in exactly 3 hours. You should solve at least 3 sample papers to increase your speed and accuracy.

Always keep in mind that a well-planned strategy is always effective in all aspects of life: be it work, play or study.

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