How to Prepare for Mathematics: Class 9

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How to Prepare for Mathematics: Class 9

  • Practise More and More

It is experienced that mathematics is sterile without practice. So practise mathematics using paper and pen more and more to achieve proficiency, and do not simply read the questions and their solutions, as most students do. It is through practise only one realises one’s weak areas and identify the scope of making mistakes. So scoring good marks in mathematics is only possible by doing regular practice.

Students should practise maths regularly. It is not the subject that can be studied just before the exams. Regular practice increases the level of confidence of the students to a great extent and saves the exam time.

Solve at least 3 to 5 questions of same type chapter wise from all the chapters to gain perfection and confidence.

  • Making formulae sheet and correct use of formulae

Do make a list of chapter wise formulae which needs to be revised periodically for their correct application. A student may be able to recall these formulae correctly at the time of its application in solving the problems based upon them. By doing so, it boosts up the confidence level of the student and creates their interest in the subject. 

  • Revise basic concepts

Basic conceptual knowledge is essential in mathematics, as its applications are used in solving math questions and it helps especially in solving the tricky questions. So the students must make point wise basic conceptual notes which need to be revised from time to time.

  • Prioritize the chapters and the topics

Students must prepare the chapter of their likings on first preference to score maximum in such chapters and second preference should be given to the chapters having maximum weightage in exams.

Students must make their own chapter wise preference for revising and preparing them for exam purpose.

  • Solve sample papers for time management

Solve at least 6 sample question papers, previous year examination question papers within the given time limit so as to manage the time for answering all the questions in exams correctly with full confidence within given time duration.                                        

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