Preparation Tips: CLAT 2020

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CLAT 2020 preparation tips

Currently eight (8) out of the top 15 law colleges listed in NIRF ranking list are NLUs. NLSIU Bangalore is in fact the number one ranked institute in the country, while NULSAR came third. With so many top colleges in the fray, it is only natural that the CLAT exam will be very competitive. To succeed then would require that the applicant doesn’t do things in half measures, but instead takes a holistic approach to CLAT 2020 preparation. Here are some tips that the applicants can fall back upon if they need any help.

Tips to ace CLAT 2020

  1. Make it a point to start your preparation early, may be at least a year in advance. This way you will have enough time to cover the entire syllabus, instead of cherry picking.
  2. Refer to only good and reliable books. Also do ensure that the language of these books is easy to digest; or else you may have to spend more time deciphering the meaning of a word to understand the underlying concept.
  3. Make a study time table and follow it religiously. Do not overstress yourself by studying for long hours. Take a break.
  4. Take mock tests to get into exam mode and to get an exam like vibe.
  5. Solve sample and previous years’ question papers of CLAT.
  6. Also, all through the preparation don’t forget to do ample revision. More difficult a topic, more revision it will need.

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