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Tips for Exam Preparation

Here are some effective useful tips for exam preparation that could help you to score good marks:

  • Start studying early: Make a daily study schedule and follow it religiously. Do not leave anything for the last minute. Preparation for exams should begin earlier so that you always get a chance to revise your studies. One cannot study the entire syllabus a day before the exam and hence one need to finish the entire portion at least for weeks prior to the examination in order to revise the portion.
  • Practise previous exam papers: One of the most effective ways to prepare for exams is to practice with the previous year papers. This will help you know the format of the paper beforehand and formulation of the questions, and can measure the time you need to take the actual test.
  • Take help of others: If you think you are facing a trouble in understanding a particular subject then please take help from your tutor or mentor to understand the concept before it gets too late. Do not memorize as you may forget it instead take help, understand the concept to remember it for lifetime.
  • Take proper sleep: You need to take minimum of seven hours of sleep in night in order to remember while you are attempting exams. In case you are sleep-deprived then you will not be able to complete your exam paper for which you have put in hard work.
  • Don’t get overstressed: Take time out to enjoy yourself once in a while. Read books, play your favourite games, watch your favourite serial on TV, talk to your friends – all these little things help manage stress. Consult people about your study strategy and know how to balance your workload.

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